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How many times do you scratch your head wondering why? “Why do I have to do this? It doesn’t make sense.” OR, “That’s not a word!”

These are my pet peeves. They drive me bonkers. So, instead of seeing a therapist, I’m sharing some with you for catharsis.  😏

Let’s start:

  1. Has this happened to you? You sign up for a giveaway and now you’re on the mailing list. So, why are they sending you emails asking you to complete another form for another giveaway (from the same company)? Huh? Hint, hint HubSpot.
  2. Do you notice how many TV commercials use the words, “two times?” The correct word is, “TWICE!” Do advertisers think consumers will respond better if they use “two times?” Huh?
  3. Does bad grammar make you cringe? I’ve been listening to broadcasters and political candidates lately and many are weak on comparative and superlative adjectives. Take the word, “fair” for example. The comparative is “fairer” not “more fair!” “Fairest” is the superlative.

[Donald Trump] says he ‘never liked a flat tax,’ says a graduated income tax is ‘more fair.’” (Bloomberg NewsHuh?

  1. Speaking of grammar… what’s the adverb for “different?” Is it, “We need to think different?” Huh? Or is it, “We need to think differently?” If you’re not sure, it’s the latter!
    Of course, in advertising, copywriters take some license with grammar. I get it, but kids will think it’s alright to use it this way – and they do, leading to perpetual grammatical wrong-doings.

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  1. I don’t understand why some marketers email so frequently. You sign up for an ebook or information and then you find yourself in a drip (automated) queue of daily emails. Huh? It’s confusing but also ANNOYING!! Don’t they realize that many people will unsubscribe? I always do!
    Maybe it’s different when you sign up for a news summary, short tips, or daily jokes or quotes. That’s your choice. But daily content that masks a promotion is just asking for unsubscribes!
  1. I’m sure I must have written about this one previously. If you’re a blogger, do you receive guest post requests? I do, and even though I post Guest Post Guidelines, too many people never read them before pitching me. Huh? Wouldn’t you think that’s the logical first place one would visit before pitching a post? Uh, no. 😬
    Here’s a perfect example of someone’s recent email pitch minus any due diligence – or proofreading for that matter:

Hi, no personalization

I landed on your website when checking through finance websites in Google. It’s NOT a finance website! I followed your updates and read more about your blog. I also took time to read some of the articles on your blog and they are indeed on point. I was thinking if you can include examples and make them a little bit compact. Incomplete sentence that doesn’t make any sense. Great piece by the way. Wow, a compliment, but about which piece?

I am also into writing and I am a professional writer as well as a regular guest blogger. Could have fooled me! My articles have been published on top blogs. None he listed are “top” blogs. Here are some of them and I am sure they are going to be a good addition to your website:

Lists three sites here.

I am contacting you with an advertisement proposal seeking to guest post on your blog. I am going to provide the article and they are going to be relevant to your blog. Notice that “the article” and “they” don’t agree. The articles are going to be engaging, original and accurately written. I believe it will turn out a good traffic on your blog after publishing. Somehow this last sentence makes me think that English is not this guy’s first language.

If you are taking this proposal, please do well to reply with the price per article so I can prepare towards the payment. I promise to make things easy and smooth by sending you documents containing the article links for publishing. I believe this will turn out for good ? for both of us and I look forward to that.

Thanks so much.

  1. Have you ever volunteered for a charitable or political cause? With my experience in nonprofit marketing, I have shared my expertise with many organizations over the years. Charities must rely on volunteers to serve on their boards of directors and many depend on volunteers to manage some of their operations or special projects. So, a good volunteer is gold to a charity (or political campaign).
    But, what happens when you offer to volunteer your talent and/or time and no one cares or responds?


    That has happened to me on too many occasions.
    When I first re-located to Phoenix, I emailed the executive director of a local educational charity offering to volunteer. As a former educator and current marketer, I thought my skills would be welcome. But, I never heard back!
    If I ever receive a fundraising request from this charity, guess what I would do? My answer reminds me of “Wayne’s World” when Wayne and Garth say they’re not worthy.

Wayne's World image

    Well, no charity is worthy of my gift if it doesn’t know how to manage relationships or say thank you.
    I also filled out an online volunteer form for my state political party of choice and again… nothing! The organization continued to send me campaign emails so I decided to reply to one asking why no one had contacted me.
    Turns out that they had been inundated and couldn’t get back to me. Well, I have news for them! Take down the volunteer form!

What about you? Are there any confusing things that make you go, “Huh?”

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