7 Simple Color Tools That Make Design Easy

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You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to market your business or nonprofit organization.

There are many available tools to make your job easier. In fact, I’ve written a few posts on this subject including my ebook, Free & Cheap Marketing Tools and Resources.

Since I am always discovering new resources and tools, I like sharing them on my blog and subsequently, my newsletters. If a marketing tool can help you market better, easier, and cheaper, why not, right?

Here are the newest color tools I’ve found:

1. Code Beautify – Colors

This site is quite amazing. It offers a vast assortment of coding tools, mostly for professional coders and digital marketing experts. However, it has some excellent color conversion tools that anyone can use to identify the different formulas of specific colors.

Suppose you’ve used a color for online use and you only have its Hex code. You decide to use the same color in a Microsoft document, so you need its RGB (red, green, blue) equivalent formula. Code Beautify makes it easy.

Here’s a screen shot of a conversion I did for one of my website colors:

Code Beautify screenshot

2. Color Scheme Generator

When you’ve selected one color and you want to build a color scheme around it, this site is very helpful. It offers many color scheme options you can preview before testing the results.

First, you’ll need the Hex formula for your chosen color. Then, you can play around with the schemes in the drop-down menu. Here’s a screen shot of my color:

Color Scheme Generator screenshot

3. Color Combos – Combo Maker

The Color Combos website has many options, one of which is a tool that makes icons and shapes in your selected color/s. You start with a color by entering its Hex code. You can add more colors as you wish.

There’s a drop-down menu with 17 options including circles, squares, drops, and balloons. You can adjust the size and select a background color and, voila… you’ll see the finished image that you can download in a PNG format for saving and importing into other programs.

Combo Maker screenshot

4. Grab Website Colors – Color Scheme Extraction Tool

Also, on the same site is a color extraction tool for grabbing the colors used on any website. All you do is enter the url of the site and you’ll find a host of listed colors with their Hex codes.

I tested my website and the screenshot below captures the results.

Grab Website Colors screenshot

5. ColorMind

This tool is especially helpful when you’re designing a presentation. You can use any of the colors in an image for headlines, backgrounds, and other graphic treatment.

“Colormind can extract color palettes from images. Instead of finding the most representative colors, it aims to find good colors that work together in a color palette.”

You upload an image and the tool extracts colors from it. If you don’t like what you see, you can generate a new set of colors by clicking the “generate” button.

Colormind screenshot

6. 0 to 255

This tool offers the easiest way to find lighter and darker colors from one selected color. Using the same gold color as above, here are the results of my search:

0-255 screenshot

7. Color Hunt

If you want to start a color scheme from scratch without much legwork, this site gives you many options from which to choose. All colors are listed with their Hex codes.

Color Hunt screenshot

Let me know if you try any of these simple color tools. And, if you have any others to share, please do in the comments below!


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