9 Stats You Should Know to Keep Your Customers Happy

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Keeping customers happy is the key to success for every business and organization. Without happy customers, you risk customer attrition and then, oh no…


There are real relationships between brands and customers. It’s frequently an emotional and visceral reaction often conveyed in extremes. Your customers either love you or hate you.

Of course, that doesn’t take “meh” into account. 😉 

Based on a study by Lithium Technologies entitled, “The Path to Happy Customers,” here are nine important statistics you’ll want to know if you want to keep your customers happy.

Spending Habits

  1. The vast majority of adults surveyed said that they would be likely to spend more on products and services from a brand that makes them happy (80%), a brand they love (80%), and a brand to which they are loyal (80%).
  2. Nearly three out of four (73%) even said they would spend more on a product from a brand they loved versus a brand they did not.
  3. Nearly all adults surveyed, a whopping 92%, agreed that they would spend at least some of their disposable income on products and services from brands they love.
  4. About one-third of adults say they are likely to spend more on products and services from a brand that communicates with them (32%) and shares entertaining and engaging content with them (31%) via social media.

Experience Sharing

  1. About two-thirds of adults (67%) who have had a positive experience with a brand say they would be happy to share their experience with other consumers, either verbally (36%) or via a brand’s website, blog, or social channels (34%). To the contrary, 60% of adults would be willing to share a negative experience with a brand, either verbally (30%) or via a brand’s website, blog, or social channels (29%).

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  1. A little over 6 in 10 adults (62%) say that the communications they’ve had with a brand have helped improve their overall opinion of that brand. This could be through email (25%), a brand’s website, blog, or social channels (25%), or in-person (24%).

Customer Exit

  1. Over 8 in 10 adults (83%) say they would stop using a brand after one bad experience while nearly 9 out of 10 adults (87%) agree that they would look elsewhere if a brand made them unhappy in any way.

Customer Experience

  1. Almost 8 in 10 adults (79%) say having a positive experience with a brand is just as important to them as the experience they have with the product or service purchased.
  2. 65% of adults say they have decided against purchasing a product or service they love as a result of having a negative experience with a brand. Even more, a surprisingly large 43% of adults would be willing to buy what they perceive to be an inferior product from another brand that they had a positive experience with.


“As people, in growing numbers, start to make more and more of their purchase decisions based on their affinity with brands as a whole—beyond simply the products and services they offer—it should become obvious that the total experience a customer has with a brand is now quickly becoming the greatest influencer on their behavior. What was once purely a transactional purchasing behavior has now evolved into something much more experiential.”

So, how can your brand deliver a better overall customer experience while creating happy customers at every touch point?

Lithium’s Digital Recommendations:

  • Treat the customer experience completely separate from your product. Product matters – but when it comes to happiness, experience matters more.
  • Pay attention to all digital touchpoints along the customer journey. Are your customers getting the same experience
    on your website, Facebook page, and eCommerce? They absolutely must. Always be consistent.
  • Quit talking and focus on delivering a better experience. Promises are words, and words are made of thin air. Actions and experiences tell the real story. So, talk less and deliver more happiness.
  • Be fun, be loveable, and speak to your customers as they would want to be spoken to. It’s easy for customers to walk away from brands that speak in corporate jargon. It’s much harder for them to walk away from a brand they could equate to being your less-than perfect best friend.
  • Empower your biggest advocates to share their happiness. If it takes more than one click to share a great experience, thats one click too many. Happy customers want to share their happy experiences. You want that from them, too.
  • Pay attention to digital behavior. You use Facebook, but your target customers use Snapchat. Bridge that disconnect by building relevant digital customer experiences into everything you do as well as in every place your customers expect you to be.
  • Help your customers learn. Happy customers are naturally curious, so feed that curiosity. Take your customers on a journey from happy to informed.
  • Don’t mess up in the first place. Easier said than done, right? It only takes one snag to change perceptions. Your customers believe you are in the driver’s seat of your brand’s end-to-end experience. So, take control of that experience – and make it a journey of happiness from start to finish.

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