Marketing Studies Spotlight of the Week 11/3/17

This week, we saw studies on affluents and brand loyalty, fake news and which publications people trust most, and email addresses.

Study: Fake News Threatens Audience Trust In Digital Pubs

According to a MediaPost article, “‘Fake news’ is threatening audiences’ trust in digital-only news outlets and news shared on social media, according to a study from data and marketing consultancy Kantar.”

  • More than half (59%) of Americans surveyed say hearing about “fake news” hasn’t affected their level of trust in newspapers, and 17% said it has actually increased that trust.

  • When it comes to social media, 54% of Americans say “fake news” has eroded their trust in those sources.

  • While 70% of Americans feel that printed news outlets, including magazines, provide them with trustworthy news, only 37% believe social-media outlets can provide trustworthy news.

  • 72% believe print magazines are the most trusted news source, closely followed by other traditional outlets such as print newspapers and TV and radio news.

  • Online-only news outlets are “trusted less” by 41% of news audiences. The online channels of print and broadcast media are trusted less too, the study found.

  • Only one in three surveyed recognize social media sites and messaging apps as a trusted news source.


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