Are You Ready For Direct Mail’s Comeback?


Direct mail is NOT dead! In fact, it never was. But, it did lose popularity as a marketing tactic for several years while digital marketing took the world by storm.

Well, now direct mail marketing is making a comeback.

A recent report from MarketingCharts demonstrates that direct mail is alive and breathing!

1. Most households continue to pay attention to direct mail.

Three-quarters of US households in 2017 read or scanned advertising mail, broadly consistent with prior years, per USPS data.
Direct mail graph of households that read direct mail

2. Trust in direct mail is high across generations.

A strong majority of consumers trust direct mail when they want to make a purchasing decision. While trust peaks at 83% of the oldest generation, a healthy majority of both Millennials and Gen Xers also trust direct mail when making buying decisions.

Graph of direct mail by generation

3. A majority of (business) users find print direct marketing effective.

Of surveyed business marketers, 93% are using direct mail. Of this group, close to 8 in 10 deemed it effective in delivering revenue and results for their businesses.

graph of business direct mail effectiveness

4. Mail spending trends reflect a resurgence.

New data indicates a resurgence in direct mail spending by data-driven advertisers in late 2017.

graph of direct mail spending trends

5. B2B buyers prefer direct mail.

According to the Rain Group, half of B2B buyers prefer to be contacted by direct mail, 3rd out of a list of nine outreach methods.

In addition to these findings, the 2017 DMA Statistical Fact Book states:

  • Consumers retain information better on paper than they do digitally. 
  • Print is for all age groups, not just older markets.
  • Direct mail has a higher response rate of up to 5% vs. a high of 0.9% in digital.

Does your business or organization use direct mail marketing? How’s it going?


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