10 Ways to Attract New Customers Using Visuals

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Guest post by Deepasha Kakkar

Attracting new customers for your products or services can be a challenge. But, not if you have set up some visual content baits in your lead generation funnel.

Visual content helps grab attention, is easier and faster to process, and influences human emotions. From sharing informative infographics to product videos, many brands are building their visual library to increase user engagement, generate leads, and build a better online presence.

Here are 10 lead generation techniques that use visual content:

  1. Generate leads through visually appealing sponsored posts

Sponsored posts are a great way to boost lead generation; supplement these with visually appealing images or videos and the combination works effectively. Sponsored posts allow you to reach a wider audience which directly impacts the visibility of your brand and help in reaching out to potential customers. In fact, presenters who use visual aids are 43% more effective in persuading audiences to take a desired course of action. So, including a visual in sponsored posts is a better lead generation tactic than posts without visuals.

Shopify image


Increase the impact of sponsored posts by adding visual elements. However, make sure that visuals are relevant to your offers.

  1. Create a visually appealing pop-up

If visitors think that the pop-up on your site is obstructing their view of better stuff, then pop-ups aren’t really working in your favor.

One of the (not so secret) ingredients of pop-up success is their visual factor. Even if you are giving out an offer that can lure customers into buying your products/services, if the pop-up is visually distracting, it isn’t going to help you generate leads. And, remember that visual appeal isn’t just about excellent photography; it goes beyond that. For instance, take this example of a pop-up that employs visual humor from Contently.

Contently example


Think out of the box. Instead of flashing plain text to your visitors, incorporate appealing visuals to grab attention.

  1. Invest in preroll YouTube video ads

Preroll videos can be risky since they are an interruptive advertising element. Including a pre-roll ad in a YouTube video works in your favor only when you focus on its optimisation.

Preroll ads offer various advantages:

  • They offer guaranteed views since they are placed before the actual video content.
  • You can tailor the video ad to a specific target audience.

The key is to optimize these ads for better results. Make sure they are short. A 10-15 second video ad is best. Ads should be clickable with a good call to action. The content should be relevant and attention grabbing.

Geico created a series of pre-roll ads under their “Unskippable” campaign. AdWeek named it the best ad campaign of 2015. Check out one of the ads here:


Let preroll videos be the voice of your brand. Use these tips for creating successful pre-roll ads.

  1. Use the power of infographics

Infographics are shared and liked 3x more than other forms of content. Sharing infographics in social media can help increase your brand’s visibility, which in turn is beneficial for lead generation.

infographic example

Incorporate infographics in guest blogs. Guest blog posts with infographics increase the shareability of your content. Here is how you can get backlinks through guestographics. For your lead generation campaign to be effective, it is important that you build a list of potential publishers before sending your pitch.


Infographics are useful because they can be used to represent different kinds of data such as showcasing processes or explaining your services.

  1. Engage users through brand specific memes

Memes can add a human element to your marketing tactics which is another important factor in lead generation. Tie your memes with useful content and the combination works well.

Adding humor can help you distinguish yourself from others, especially for B2B brands. Various companies have already jumped on the memes bandwagon. The recipe is simple: pick any trending meme and use it as a voice for your business, as this resonates better with your audiences.

meme example


Use humor in your marketing  to establish more personal connections with your audiences.

  1. Billboards to the rescue!

We are all exposed to billboard advertising. In fact, billboard viewers make shopping decisions while in their cars. Of a group of survey respondents, 24%  said they felt motivated to visit a particular store because of an outdoor ad message. This implies that outdoor advertising does help in grabbing attention.

But, placing a billboard is not the end of the story. A billboard can only be an effective marketing tool when you get the content right. And remember, when you run out of words, visuals can be the voice of your marketing campaign.

Have you heard about “A tale of a ridiculous billboard?”  It incorporates two elements we discussed in this article: memes and billboards.Hipchat billboard


Billboards can’t be switched off, so make sure that they are not annoying. 

  1. Place videos on landing pages

Websites with landing pages that contain an explainer video can generate 20% more conversions (on average) than pages without videos. Take the case of Dropbox or Rypple. By placing an explainer video on their landing pages, they saw a conversion boost of 10%  and 20% respectively.

Now, if you want to use video content for gaining maximum leads, it is crucial to use videos that target a wide variety of audiences instead of addressing a particular group with specific requirements. But, if your aim is to achieve high-quality leads, your videos should engage customers who are already familiar with your brand.


When using videos, focus on the length. User engagement tends to decline as the video length increases.

  1. Optimize your video with a CTA and an email gate

Having no CTA (call to action) in your video is a recipe for disaster. If you are expecting visitors to find information about you on their own, you may easily lose potential customers.

Including calls to action in your videos eases navigation process for users. For effective lead generation, it is essential that you provide sufficient information and not leave them looking for details. A good CTA creates a sense of urgency. Remember, that your call to action should be consistent with your lead generation campaign.

Also, gating your video content (asking for their email addresses) can be another great way of generating leads. Put an email gate on your video to collect relevant user email addresses.


If you want to generate leads through visual content, focus on optimizing your CTA and give audiences what they want.

  1. Create an on-site photo gallery

With a visually stunning on-site photo gallery, your website can offer audiences a visual treat. Plus, your visual content helps better portray your products by giving visitors a glimpse of what you are offering.


Create an on-site photo gallery on your website if you haven’t added one yet.

  1. Make a visual impact through social media sharing

Visual marketing becomes more effective when you provide it with social platforms. The key to a successful marketing campaign is in which platforms you choose.

For instance, your brand may be more relevant to the Instagram audience, especially if you are operating in the B2C sphere. The same platform may not be as effective for B2B brands. However, that doesn’t stop B2B brands from making a visual impact on Instagram.

Instagram example


Use social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. to make a visual statement and generate leads.


Visual content is an effective lead generator especially when you use the right media to communicate. You can incorporate visual content on your website, share it in social media, or use outdoor advertising like billboards.

Visual content marketing is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness and generating leads. And, since visual content is so diverse, you have several options to choose from. Spice up your content strategy with infographics, memes, videos, billboards, and pop-ups.

Do you know of any other hacks to generate leads using visual content? Let us know in the comments below.

Deepasha Kakkar is a visual marketer, founder of Crackitt, and a consumer behavior aficionado. She helps businesphoto of Deepasha Kakkarses and organizations hone their identities, craft their brands, and share their truths using beautiful handmade animated videos and compelling infographics. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


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