Want The Best Digital Customer Experience?

customer experience written on chalkboardOf course you want your customers to have the best digital customer experience (CX)! Who wouldn't?

Have you ever heard of "design-led" or "design thinking?" Here are two definitions:

Design is seen as a strategic differentiator for the organization. Formal design processes are established for marketing, product, and customer experience initiatives. Design is integral to shaping digital CX and is involved at every stage when strategy is being set." (Adobe/Forrester Consulting)
It means making design an integral part of every thought process in your company’s marketing (and product development or service offerings), and can be the line between success and failure, between blending into the sea of mediocrity and standing out, between ultra-creative thinking and what everyone else does." (Yvonne Lyons, "The Rise of the Design-Led Company — Don’t Be Left Behind," Right Source Marketing)

So, does it work? You bet!

Companies that embed design thinking in digital CX strategy — those that we classified as design led — achieve tangible business benefits. Moreover, we found that the more that design is embedded in digital CX strategy, the more these benefits are achieved."

Want to see the proof?

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