Why Book Elaine?​

10 Ways I Stand Out From Other Speakers

If your participants are ready to learn, to laugh, and to look at things from a refreshing perspective, Elaine Fogel can deliver. A professional speaker and trainer, she’s candid and enthusiastic with a passion for sharing her expertise.

A high-energy, entertaining speaker, Elaine combines her previous career experiences as a singer, television show host, and teacher with a love of performance and people. She’s a straight shooter, using humor and stories to get her points across.

Elaine weaves in fun, interactive games and activities with her workshops. Don’t be surprised to see her toss chocolate bars and treats to people who engage and participate. In fact, that’s her signature shtick.

She encourages participants to embrace new ideas while giving them low and no-cost ways to achieve realistic goals. She wants people to walk away with rich nuggets they can implement without feeling overwhelmed.

Elaine realizes how challenging it can be to make organizational changes after one presentation. That’s why she offers follow-up coaching, consultation, and other services to ensure there’s a full-circle of achievement.

When you hire Elaine for your speaking and training needs, you get a consummate professional who’s experienced, humorous, and engaging. She shares concrete ideas, uplifting and inspiring her audiences while encouraging them to invest in solid marketing and branding strategies and tactics for their personal and organizational success.

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