1 of 3 Practical Ways to Make Your Daily Marketing Manageable

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It’s January and there are an infinite number of blog posts and articles advising you how to market this year. Yes, even I am guilty for my post on marketing predictions for 2017. 😏

Yet, determining which marketing tactics will be popular, trendy, or actually effective is another story. When your business or organization is on the small-medium side, you don’t always have the luxury of internal experts to guide you.

So, where to focus and how to make your daily marketing efforts manageable? Here’s the first with the other two to follow next week.

  1. Social Media Management

    If you’re spending more than an hour each day on social media, you’re probably overdoing it. Depending on your products, services, and target audiences, it’s possible to spend a half hour on it first thing in the morning followed by periodic 5-10 minute check-ins during the day.

    The easiest way to manage your time is by using a social media management tool. I use Hootsuite* and believe me, having my business-related social media accounts in one dashboard makes my life easier.

    There are several other available tools as well such as Buffer, Agora Pulse, and SocialOomph, but check each one to ensure it covers your chosen networks. Networks that aren’t as ubiquitously included in management tools are Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr.

    What I like best about Hootsuite is that it enables me to schedule my posts in advance or in the moment, targeting select networks, including my LinkedIn groups. That way, I can introduce a new blog post to several networks and/or groups initially, followed by a variety of tweets throughout the day.

    Over-saturating LinkedIn with similar posts is a no-no, especially on group pages. It’s an easy way to get kicked out. ⛹🏽

    Listening and engaging with others is just as important as posting. Go through your dashboard and react to posts by liking them, re-tweeting them, or commenting. And, always thank or respond to those who go out of their way to comment or re-tweet on yours.

    Don’t forget to check for customer or prospect inquiries or issues sent to your social media accounts. To ignore them is business suicide.

    On a regular basis (perhaps weekly), check your statistics to gauge your social media marketing efforts. That way, you can tweak what’s not working or spend more time in the channels that are more effective.

    Review your social media marketing strategy quarterly to ensure you’re on track. If not, make necessary revisions.

    The more you follow a daily schedule, it shouldn’t take too long for you to get into a rhythm, managing social media with less time and greater ease.

    And, to give you an idea of which networks your target audiences use, this infographic should help:

    Marketing Strategy Infographic

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*The Hootsuite link represents my affiliate account. 

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